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Monday, July 26, 2010

The Magic Painting

Every once in awhile I will post some crazy story or something wonderful about one of my kids. This morning my seven year old son with autism was sitting straight up in his bed reciting this story from either a dream or early morning ramblings. I heard him say it a few times, so I gave him some paper and asked him to write it down. It goes like this:

"The painting was magic. That was supposed to be the birth of 11. That is why the sun shines down on it. The camp counselor said inspirational messages. So if you lean over he did. First touch the sun with your mind and touch the painting with your hand and draw the difference."

A look inside of his mind makes things even more confusing! My son has very above average intelligence. Most of the time I have no idea what to do with him. I just try to keep him busy so he doesn't get bored. He talks nonstop!! He was diagnosed with autism almost 4 years ago, right before his 4th birthday. So the rantings of a 7 year old with autism can be very boring when you hear the same things over and over. But this story he made up is something new, and I hope something to look forward to and not just a one-time thing. Keep your fingers crossed.

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