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Saturday, August 28, 2010


These breadsticks are a family favorite and hard to keep around. When I am cooking them I have to put them up or my 7 year old steals them! I love catching him and seeing that big grin when he's busted!
I use a pizza stick mold that William Sonoma used to sell, they have discontinued this pan, and I am now on a search for a new mold, I'll post it when I find it! You have to have a mold for a shape, but you could bake them and cut them into sticks with no problem.

                                                               Gluten-free Garlic Breadsticks
1 cup garbanzo bean flour
1/2 cup brown rice flour
1/2 cup tapioca flour
1 tablespoon yeast
1 teaspoon sea salt
1 tablespoon garlic powder or mashed fresh garlic
1 tablespoon agave or sugar
1 cup warm water

Mix all dry ingredients together until well mixed, then add water and agave. Add sugar to dry ingredients if you use sugar. Mix well, this will be a thin batter. Let rise for about 20 minutes. Coat your pan or mold with oil, then spoon out the dough and wet fingers and smooth out the dough. Spray a little olive oil on top before and it keeps it from cracking while baking. Preheat oven to 425. You can make your breadsticks thick or thin, they will be more bread like if thick, and more crunchy if thin. If I eat them right away I cook for 12 minutes. If I am freezing them for later, I cook them for 10 minutes so they don't burn when I reheat them in the oven. These freeze great! I use these for pizza crusts, dipping, and everyone loves them! I have also used silicone cake pans to make pizza crusts and they turn out great, you may have to cook a minute longer. Remember to wet your fingers to smooth out, and it will ensure that they don't crack. If you still have a problem cracking you can loosely cover with foil and it will hold the moisture in and prevent cracking. Yes, there is an art to these, but they are fast and easy, AND CHEAP! Notice, there's no xanthan gum?


  1. Thanks for posting the recipe I can't wait to fix them. The breadsticks you gave me were a hit with everyone in my family. I'll have to definitely stock up on these!

  2. Where did you get that great pan? Thanks for posting.

  3. I got it at Williams-Sonoma a few years ago, they discontinued it after a year. They called it a pizza stick pan.I have been on the look out for something similar ever since!

  4. Have you found a pan since they discontinued it? I would love to get one. Thanks for the recipe! I need to make my own bread. There are only a few good ones I have found since being gluten free.

  5. I haven't found one like that one, but a small pizza pan with edges would work, and you could cut them into sticks. Wilton makes so many novelty pans! I would check them out. I will later tonight and see if I can post a link.

  6. I added 2 links of pans that might work, they may even be better. I use Wilton pans for buns and they are perfect. I have to line the bread stick pans with parchment paper now if I use them. So I rarely use them now. The shape was perfect!


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